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Behavioral Health – To Screen or Not to Screen?

Behavioral health can be confusing. To screen or not to screen, what are the questions?

Joining us this Tuesday for the lead story is a new panelist, Christine Hall. Christine Hall is the CEO and Senior Consultant for Stirling Global Solutions, LLC.  She has 30+ years of healthcare administration and information management experience.

Christine is a subject matter expert in compliance, specialty coding, auditing, risk adjustment, telehealth, and reimbursement.

During the next live edition of Talk Ten Tuesdays, Christine will educate us on who can and should provide behavioral health screenings. She will also go over the correct codes to report and the requirements for reimbursement in behavioral health.

Talk Ten Tuesdays

TCG Season 3 Episode 3 with Christine Hall

Christine Hall joins Sean on The Compliance Guy Live to discuss the state of healthcare compliance, and the role auditors, coders, and billers play to ensure clean and accurate claims. What is CMS focused on with audits and what are some of the OIG hot targets providers need to be aware of…

The Compliance Guy

Telehealth Challenges During the PHE and Beyond

During the Public Health Emergency, our world in the Business of Healthcare is constantly changing. One area we see constant movement in is Telehealth Services. Today my special guest Christine Hall and I will discuss this topic and some reminders on Coding based on the current IC10-CM Covid 19 Guidelines.

Life as a Coder

Newsworthy Interview with Christine Hall

Sonal’s 14th episode of Season 4 features a special Newsworthy guest, Christine Hall. She is currently the CEO of Stirling Global Solutions, LLC and serves as the Education Officer for the Palm Beach, FL AAPC Chapter.

Paint The Medical Picture

I Got It with Christine Hall | Part 2

Take a listen to the second half of my interview with Christine Hall CHC CPC CPB CPMA CRC CPC-I from Stirling Global Solutions LLC. We continue our conversation about how she wanted to work for herself because of her children, how she acquired her first business, then acquired many more including a lawn service, and we discuss her podcast, Coding with Christine Hall.

Not Elsewhere Classified

I Got It with Christine Hall | Part 1

Take a listen to Episode 113 with Christine Hall CHC CPC CPB CPMA CRC CPC-I from Stirling Global Solutions LLC as we discuss her thought process to asking questions, piecing together problems, and creating solutions to a point she “GOT IT” along her career journey.

Not Elsewhere Classified

Episode 16: Coding Consultant Confessions with Special Guest Christine Hall

In the third and final part of Stacie’s interview with Christine, Stacie and Christine discuss the importance of implementing a compliance plan and conducting periodic audits, then wrap up the interview with some fun questions and commentary sure to bring you some laughs.


Who Cares What Stacie Says!?

Episode 15: Show Me The Money! with Special Guest Christine Hall

In this episode, Christine & Stacie continue their conversation beginning with Christine’s personal story about taking a step back in her career which led to her finding her Angel and then taking a big career step forward. They discuss strategies to increase your salary in your current position and provide advice for negotiating a salary when interviewing for a new position. They also examine the concept of pay transparency and discuss some of the differences between men and women when it comes to selling themselves to employers.

Who Cares What Stacie Says!?

Episode 14: Technology in Healthcare, Then & Now with Special Guest Christine Hall

In this episode, Stacie & Christine discuss Christine’s journey into medical coding, they reminisce about how far technology has come since they both started working in the field 30 years ago, they speculate on how AI will change patient care, and they wrap up with Christine explaining HCC coding and how to find jobs in this growing specialty.

Who Care What Stacie Says!?

You Are Just A Number with Jim Zelem

Great Work Ethics Cultivates Success

Christine Hall is a 1st generation Uruguayan American, who has a great work ethic and worked her entire life from a young age. Her passion to excel in the business side of the medical industry is quite evident throughout this podcast. She has built two successful businesses and is considered a subject matter expert on many topics.

You Are Just A Number