Yesterday, I had the pleasure of presenting for the American Portable Diagnostics Association’s 2020 Midyear Billing Webinar.  We answered some of the burning questions members had on documentation requirements, coding quandaries and COVID-19 issues (just to name a few).  Today the questions continue to roll in.  A member wanted clarification on what modifier (50 vs LT/RT) to use on unilateral procedures that are performed bilaterally.  Great question!  In the Medicare Claims Processing Manual, Ch 14, §20.6.2 , Medicare advises that modifier 50 “should be used to report bilateral procedures that are performed at the same  session as a single line item.”  That being said, some commercial payers may not accept modifier 50 for bilateral services and prefer one line item with modifier LT and one line item with modifier RT. When in doubt, reach out to the payer for clarification of preference.